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Winetasting Verona

Yesterday I went with a friend of mine to visit a winery near the town.
Verona is one of the most famous cities for wine and the area of Valpolicella is probably the second most important wine zone in Italy.
Many tourists can decide to visit a winery and spend some hours making wine tasting. In some places you don't need to pay for a tour, for example yesterday I went to Tenuta Sant'Antonio and everything was for free; obviously is not compulsory, but buying at least a couple of bottles each one after the wine tasting is used (very important if you don't want to seem rude). They served us all their red wines and some of them were fantastic, I bought Cabernet Sauvignon Capitel del Monte and a Passito wine called Colori d'autunno; another great wine that I tasted was the Amarone Campo dei Gigli that won a lot of prizes.
Tenuta Sant'Antonio is not in the middle of Valpolicella, but they produce Valpolicella's wine too. It is situated in Valpantena, in a little village called Mezzane di Sotto, just 20 minutes from the city by car (not too far from Valpolicella). I think that in this area there are mostly great wine producers, you are in the middle of hills, with vineyards all around and beautiful houses and villa everywhere. This ambient is perfect for wine and as a matter of fact, during the past years, many prizes had been given to producers of this zone.
For all of you that decide to have a holiday in Verona, I can really recommend this experience. A wine tour is a way to understand the culture and it's very pleasant spending a day in a beautiful winery tasting typical wines.
After this great experience I will organize something for you, selecting some good winery and as soon as possible you will find online a new section of my website with packages with tours and accommodations included.

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