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Wine tours from Verona

Wine tours verona
The great thing about a break in Verona is that not only do you get to visit some fabulous sights; you have the opportunity to get out into the Italian countryside and visit the lakes and some superb vineyards.
The Veneto region is home to some well-known, and not so well known varieties such as Soave, Bardolino, Valpolicella, Lugana, and Custoza. So, within twenty minutes of the city you can be enjoying some of the best grapes on a wine tour.
Wine tours are becoming increasingly popular in this area, of course you can go out alone and visit some of the wineries for a tasting, but do you seriously want to have to spit it out because you are driving? By far the best idea is to take a tour where the transport is included, giving you the freedom to sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy the variety of excellent wines.
Stroll through the vineyards and visit the cellars, these wineries can be either large and modern concerns, or smaller family run establishments, but the methods of production are essentially the same, and when it comes to aging in oak barrels, the aroma is unbeatable.
So, what can you expect on a wine tour? A half-day tour with a guide will allow you to visit two or three different wineries; you can even combine the tour with a visit to some of the local sights such as castles and of course the lake. There will usually be a tour of the facility to see the production process, and afterwards a tasting of at least two or three different wines produced there. After the tasting, there will of course be an opportunity to purchase a bottle or two to take away with you. After your tour why not stop off at a local restaurant, or take a picnic, to enjoy with one of your purchases.


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