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What is prosecco

What is prosecco?

The area around Verona is famous for its wines, but in the Province of Treviso, visitors on a tour of the Veneto region can experience an entirely different wine – Prosecco.

Prosecco is an extremely significant part of Italian life, it is consumed at celebrations in much same way as Champagne, but it is also enjoyed every day. Between February and June ‘Primavera Prosecco’ is a four month event which takes place celebrating the authentic land and the wines of the region, with special events, concerts and of course, tastings.

Fifty kilometres from Venice and the Adriatic, vineyards dominate the landscape. The vines favour the earth and the areas mild climate, thanks to protection of the mountains. The small villages are the starting point to visit abbeys, castles, historical centres, and are also places to enjoy pleasant walks and best of all, to taste its wines. The people of Treviso are proud of their origins; they keep their traditions and are happy to enlighten visitors as to their methods and thier way of life.


The Wines:



At the foot of the Prealpi Mountains, between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, 3500 hectares of vineyards produce a fruity light and ‘youthful” wine. Here, three varieties of Prosecco are produced - still, semi-sparkling and fully sparkling, which can be enjoyed throughout the entire meal, from starters to desserts.



Cartizze is produced in a small area in the municipality of Valdobbiadene and is made special thanks to its geo-climatic conditions. Cartizze is characterized by a sweet and concentrated flavour, good not only for desserts and pastries but also to salty and spicy dishes.



Produced from Marzemino grapes, the Refrontolo Passito was the wine favoured by Mozart. Its specially selected grapes are put onto mats which are then squeezed, to produce a red ruby ‘passito’, a sweet and rich perfumed wine with a hint of blackberry.



This is a rare and precious wine. Its grapes dried on mats until spring, they are then pressed with a manual winepress and placed in small wooden barrels until the arrival of the New Year when the wine is decanted into bottles. The Torchiato is sweet and pleasantly strong with an intense perfume. Its flavour is full and warm.



The Verdiso is a secular vine variety, dry and lively, with a light, bitter almost green apple flavour. It is enjoyed with fish and herb risotto.



This red and white wine is produced with the best grapes of the Conegliano hills. The white wine is velvety and aromatic, perfect with hors-d’oeuvres, meat and fish. The red wine is aged for at least two years and is the ideal with red meat and game. The limited production of these two wines has made them immensely valuable.

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