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Welcome to Verona Carnival - one of the oldest in Italy!


Traditionally known as "Bacanàl del Gnoco" in honour of the local food speciality of "Gnocchi", the Verona Carnival is one of the oldest in Italy and it preserves an old tradition which dates to 1531.


That year, due to a food storage grain prices rose, poor people, expecially the ones who lived near San Zeno church, were facing starvation.

So, Tommaso da Vico, a wealthy nobel, decided to donate a huge sum so they can buy flour to make "gnocchi", small dumplings that at that time were the main sustenance for poor people. Moreover, he ordered to distribuite every year, on Carnival last friday, gnocchi and wine to the people of San Zeno area. 


Nowadays, the "Venerdì Gnocolar" is the key event of the Verona Carnival: the parade with masks and allegoric floats is led by "Papà del Gnoco" (“gnocchi's dad” - a mask representing an old king holding, instead of a scepter, a huge fork topped by a big gnocchi) and it goes through the historical town centre, ending in front of San Zeno Church where you can taste the traditional gnocchi with tomato sauce.


This year, the parade will be on Friday 28 February...don't miss it out!






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