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The weekend of "Santa Lucia"

Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia is one of the most famous saints of Verona because during the weekend next 13th December, every year a traditional market takes place in the Arena square.
Typical foods, sweets and toys are the main attractions of the banquets.
The tradition of Santa Lucia is one of the oldest of Verona: on 12th December kids know that they have to fall asleep very early because the saint comes to bring them gifts during the night; sweets and toys for good kids or carbon for bad ones. The morning after, when they wake up, they find their surprise near the  fireplace or in the livingroom. This tradition is more popular than Santa Claus (Christmas) when gift exchange is made by adults.
If you come to spend your holiday in Verona during this weekend you'll find traditional markets in many squares, especially in Piazza Bra (the Arena square) where there is the "Santa Lucia fair".
Santa Lucia's Banquets

We suggest you to move by train if you can, or if you have to come by car you'd better park outside the center and than use the buses to move toward it.
This year (2011) there will be 332 banquets dedicated to this fair, they will come from every italian city and besides toys and foods you will find also artisans's stands.
The fair opens from 9.30 to 23.00 except 13th december when it is opened from 9.30 to 20.00.


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