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Wedding at Juliet's House Verona

For all the tourists that want to visit the city of Love, there is a new trend. You could get married in Verona like Romeo and Juliet, in the same places of Shakespeare's tragedy.
I am talking about Juliet's house, one of the most romantic places in the world. The legendary story says that this is the place where Romeo and Juliet first met and after Shakespeare, this has become one of the most represented scenes in theatre and cinema.
Juliet's house is situated in the inner courtyard of a magnificent medieval building beautifully restored that now shows a fabulous internal facade made of exposed bricks, a Gothic portal, mullioned windows and probably the world most famous balcony. The interior contains furnishings from 16th and 17th Centuries, frescoes, a collection of decorations representing Romeo and Juliet episodes and Renaissance ceramics of Verona. In the courtyard one finds the Juliet's bronze statue that is famous because tradition says that if you touch Juliet's breast you will be lucky.
The couples that decide to tie the knot in Verona could be of any nationality and the ceremony is a civil union.

Celebrations are every Monday, when the site is closed to the tourists that usually crowd the area and booking can be made at Verona City Hall.

All the informations you may need are on the official website of this initiative called "marry me in Verona".

Prices of a wedding in the Juliet's house:

600€ for veronesi couples
700€ for italians
800€ for europeans citizens
1000€ for other countries
If you want to spend some nights in Verona after the wedding, I am sure that the perfect accommodation is b&b delle Erbe, one of the most romantic places of the historical center. This is in the most central square in an historical building with a great view on Erbe square, the place where all Veronesi use to stay. This is a luxury and charming accommodation and the service is great, but for a price that is surely lower than any other 4 or 5 stars hotel.

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