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Visit Verona


Dear reader, this is my first blog and I want to use this space to tell tourists what beautiful places they can find in my town, what is worth to be seen and what events are offered by the city.

My name is Marco and I manage a website where you can find alternative solutions for a charming accommodation in Verona (instead of the hotels).
If you want to visit Verona you'd better know that this is the fourth historical town in Italy, but it's less famous than Rome, Florence and Venice. Here one can find a real typical northern italian way of life. As a matter of fact, Verona is a small town and most of the people you can see walking on the streets are natives. 
I hosted many tourists from many parts of the world and all of them have been very happy of choosing Verona as a base to visit many other cities around. For example if you want to go to Venice you need just 1 hour to reach Venice station by train and to Milan and Bologna is the same. Verona is in the middle of northern Italy and most of the time you need just a few hours (sometimes less) to reach all the touristic locations of the north.
There is a lot to see, but you'll discover this time to time following this blog. 
Have a nice reading!

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