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Verona Opera Season 2012

Arena of Verona
The excitement is already building for Verona’s 2012 opera season, this year celebrating its 90th Anniversary, with performances of:
  • Don Giovanni
  • Aida
  • Carmen
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Turandot
  • Tosca
The Arena during the Opera: a breathtaking view
The exciting news for opera goers, both from Italy and abroad, is that tickets can be purchased online. The process is quick and easy, and with seats prices ranging from €15,00 to €198,00, everyone can enjoy some of the best, most atmospheric opera performances in the world.
The season opens on the 22nd June with Don Giovanni; the rest of the month also sees performances of Aida and Carmen. Then in July and August, daily performances (except Monday’s) fill each evening, the final performance of the season is Aida on Sunday the 2nd September.
For newcomers to Verona’s opera season there are a few tips, the most important being that if you choose one of the unnumbered seats on the steps of the Arena, bring a cushion to make sure that you are comfortable for the evening. The steps have a terrific atmosphere, and are the most economical way to see a performance, but they are also rather hard. Bear in mind that refreshments are only available to those in the numbered seats and in the stalls during the intervals between acts, so if you’re one of those people who feels peckish, or like to ‘nibble’, then remember to bring a picnic with you.
Other tips - Get to your seat in plenty of time, especially if you’re in unnumbered seats, as its first come, first served for the best positions. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to enter until the first interval, which means you will definitely miss some of the performance. Wear or take appropriate clothing, Italy may be sunny and hot much of the time, but unseasonal weather isn’t unknown, so bring something waterproof and warm. Finally, don’t loose your tickets; if you have an unnumbered seat you will need to buy another one.
The stage of the opera in the Arena
For visitors arriving by car there are four recommended parking areas, for the very best service pre-book parking at the Arena parking station which enables you to park near the Arena, access the park via a special lane even when the car park is full, pay in advance, and be guaranteed of a space.
Here is a link to book your tickets This is just the first post on this year’s opera season; there will be lots more to come!


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