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Verona - day trip to Venice

Typical canal in Venice

Verona is my town and I obviously try to promote it more than other destinations in Italy, but let me show you how you can have a great holiday finding accommodation in Verona and having a day trip to some close towns. This first post on the argument is about Venice.

Many of my guests and friends that came to visit Verona found this as a great and easy solution. 
What I suggest to do for your Venice day trip is this:
  • check the train schedule on the web on the website of a view of V

    I really advice you against the use of the car to reach Venice because you need more time, you spend more money and parking isn't so easy (you must park at Mestre and take another train anyway). 


This is an example of what you could spend for having a day trip to Venice with accommodation in Verona:

  • Trains: 37€ each one (round-trip ticket) for the fast train / 12,30€ each one (round-trip ticket) for regional train
  • Accommodation: 40/45€ per night each one for your stay in Verona in Elsa b&b/apartment (between the arena and the station) / 55/60€ per night each one for your stay in Verona in Ca Vendramin apartment (this is a charmer solution, but it's a bit further from the station, but closer to the Arena)
Venice is perfect for a day trip unless you want to visit also some isle or museums and inner places. With the solution written above you can spend from 52,30€ each one and enjoy a perfect day.
Another point in favor of Verona is food that is also cheaper and with more guaranties about quality because in Verona restaurants work a lot with locals and without a good price/quality they risk to have a bad reputation and no guests. Venice specialities are mainly of fish and you can eat very very well (fish in Venice is in general better than Verona), but most of the bes restaurants for price and quality aren't in the center (in the central zone you can find great restaurants, but very expensive ones).
In any case, have a nice trip!

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