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Verona with Children

Many visitors dismiss a city break with children, as they fear that there will be nothing to keep them entertained. In Verona that certainly is not the case.
Whether the family enjoys the great outdoors with plenty of room to work off that excess energy, or a theme park with rollercoaster’s and movie stars, there is something for everyone.
Colorado Boat at Gardaland
For everyone from tiny tots to grown adults, Gardaland is the areas biggest theme park with thrilling energy rides, a fantasyland, and adventure sections. The park also has its very own sea life aquarium with its Jellyfish Discovery, 37 tanks, and an underwater tunnel where you can walk whilst fish and sharks swim around you.
Park Jungle Adventure.
This is where the kids can genuinely let off steam in a jungle, just like Tarzan and Robin Hood. Swing through the trees, cross rope bridges and climb nets, and its great to know all the safety equipment is included.
Parco delle Cascate
Molina Waterfall park
If you prefer a nature influenced trip, there are there are lots of options. Parco delle Cascate, is just a short distance form Verona. Here, you will find the incredible Molina Waterfall Park, village, and botanical museum.
Parco Faunistico Al Bosco.
Parco faunistico Al Bosco near the center of Verona
This wildlife park is a vast, protected area with forest animals living in their natural habitat, deer, boar, wolves, and birds are all accustomed to humans and so do not run away, allowing memorable close encounters.
The winter park Lessinland

Finally, it’s not just in the summer that children can be entertained. In winter there is Lessiland, a winter wonderland activity park with inflatable, toboggans, bob sleighs, and lots of winter activities for all the family.


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