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Verona Carnival's masks

There is a way of saying in Italy that is "Veronesi tuti mati" that means that Veronesi (people from Verona) are all crazy. If we look at the carnival's masks of the city we can understand that the tradition of Verona is full of jokes and funny things connected with the characters who had lived in town. Each district of Verona has its own carnival masks. The most famous is Papà del Gnoco whose story I've wrote in the last post about carnival. Here below some of them (the name of the mask on the left and the name of the district on the right), I write just the main ones with a probable english translation form the dialect (if possible):
  • Papà del Gnoco - S. Zeno (the dad of gnoco)
  • Duca della Pignata - S. Stefano - (duke of the cook pot)
  • Principe Reboano della Concordia  - Filippini (prince Reboano of the harmony)
  • Re Saltucchio e la Regina Caterina - Porto San Pancrazio (king Saltucchio and queen Caterina)
  • Re Teodorico - Carega (king Teodorico)
  • Conte Polenton - Primo Maggio (count Polenton)
  • Madonna Verona - Verona center
  • Gian Burrasca - Bassona
There are more than 25 traditional masks of the city, these are just a few and I think they can give you an idea of how the carnival's masks were used especially to make fun of noblemen and to create an imaginary where people faults were emphasized. 
Papà del Gnoco - the most famous carnival's mask of Verona
Official ordination of the mask Duca della Pignata in the district S. Stefano in Verona


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