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Venerdì Gnocolar - it's Carnival

Today is carnival in Verona, Venerdì Gnocolar is the biggest event of the veronese Carnival. There will be floats and confetti all around, the people will wear masks and someone will drink too much wine.
Unfortunately I won't be in town, so I ask a favor to my readers. There are just a few of them that will be in Verona for their holidays durin this day, but if you make pictures of the parade and if you want to share them on my web channel, I will be proud to publish something on my next post.
My blog is growing week by week and I really want it to be a source of inspiration for tourists that come on holiday in Verona. Now one can just find some information about the city of Romeo and Juliet, but I'm writing very often and I hope that in some years or maybe months one will find here a lot of posts about history, traditions, events and much more, all written personally by me that I was born in Verona and I've ever lived here from generations: a local point of view dedicated to tourists for free.
Floats and Confetti during the Carnival in Verona


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