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Wine tours from Verona

Wine tours verona
The great thing about a break in Verona is that not only do you get to visit some fabulous sights; you have the opportunity to get out into the Italian countryside and visit the lakes and some superb vineyards.

Open days at Valpolicella Terme

Valpolicella verona terme
Have you booked a holiday in Verona or nearby between 15th and 18th September? Lucky you! Terme della Valpolicella spa, the 2500sq m. wellness haven of the Villa Quaranta complex, organizes the "Open days 2011" with a rich programme of discounted and even free treatments. It's your chance to unstress and recharge the batteries while keeping an eye on your savings. The choice is wide and suits all tastes in terms of relaxation and wellness.

Thermal Bath near Verona

If you are searching a destination a for thermal holiday, consider Verona as part of your list. As a matter of fact, near Verona there are a lot of destinations with thermal baths. Some of them are parks and some of them are more similar to a Spa with professional services. For a relaxing holiday Verona could be what you are searching for. Here below a list of the thermal destinations close to the city.

Palio del Recioto Negrar

Palio del Recioto is an important traditional challenge especially for locals, not only people from Negrar (the little city where this event is), but even for people of Verona and the entire province.
The challenge lasts 4 days and the opening act was on sunday, Easter. A lot of stands are installed along one of the main streets and here everyone can taste wines and typical products of Valpolicella

Easter Verona

Holiday Verona - what to do in 3 days

Sometimes people ask me what is worth seing in Verona and wich places must be visited around the city if you have just a weekend holiday. There are many tips and many alternative solutions I could give you for your visit, so I will post more than one article about this with my recommendations and my ideas.
This option is probably better for couples or a group of friends (adult).

Day One - visit Verona city center

Winetasting Verona

Yesterday I went with a friend of mine to visit a winery near the town.
Verona is one of the most famous cities for wine and the area of Valpolicella is probably the second most important wine zone in Italy.

Leonardo Di Caprio wants to buy house in Verona


After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, that in the summer of 2010 came to Verona searching for a Villa in Valpolicella as their future italian dwelling, also Leonardo Di Caprio felt in love with Verona. It seems that he would like to buy a house near Piazza Bra, the famous Arena Square.

Places near Verona


Dear reader, first of all, I would like to introduce you my town and let you know what are the other touristic places around. Verona is an historical city, but it's famous in Italy for many other attractions. If you don't know this you may have a wrong idea of the place you want to visit.