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Travelling with your best friend


It’s a dilemma you’d love to take a break, but you genuinely hate leaving your four- legged friend in kennels. You could ask your parents again, but last time he stayed there he dug up their garden, so they probably won’t agree.

But you don’t have to stay at home; now you can visit historic and beautiful places with your best friend in tow. How? Well, Verona has some impressive facilities for people travelling with pets, so why not give it a try.

Travelling with dogs - Verona
We’ll start in the city itself, visit the city tourism office and get a map called ‘Aree Cani’, these are parks where you can let your dog run free, as long as you clear up after them. They are also welcome in the centre if they are under control and don’t foul the pavements.
Then there are the beaches around Lake Garda. Most areas around the free beaches allow dogs, but not in the water, so if he likes chasing sticks it’s better to base yourself around Peschiera and Castelnuovo.
Peschiera is where dogs are welcome on the beach between October and April, and in high season, they can enjoy a refreshing dip in the river. You can also visit Castelnuovo, where they can actually enjoy the delights of the water as well as the beach, as long as there’s no one else taking a dip; other people probably wouldn’t appreciate being drowned by a wet dog.
You may well be wondering about where you can stay. Well, luckily Italy loves dogs, so even some of the luxurious accommodations except a well-behaved pet, here’s just one example.
So, now you can run in the park, visit the centre, and stay in a very comfortable accommodation, what’s stopping you? Go on, give it a try, your best friend will love you forever, and you’ll have enormous fun.

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