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Tocatì Festival in Verona

From today (23rd October) to 25th October 2011, a new edition of the traditional street games festival is taking place in the historical center of Verona. The event is called Tocatì and it hosts people from all over the world, many countries with many different traditional games. From this year, during the festival, the world congress of ITSGA (International Traditional Sports and Games Association) will also take place. Teachers, students and Unesco members will be here to underline the importance of the culture, traditions and old games for the world's heritage.
People playing at Tocatì in Piazza Erbe - Verona

A street game of Tocatì in Piazza dei Signori - Verona

Many players, especially kids will have fun with various street games and they will partecipate to shows of traditional games like the Capoeira from Brazil, the Kabubu from Democratic Republic of Congo, the Tiàoshéng from Taiwan, the Zurkhaneh from Iran, the Ulama de Cadera from Mexico, the Varpa from Sveden and La Malha from Portugal.
The historical center of Verona (listed recently in the Unesco heritage list) will be without cars for three days and in every square people can admire   all the monuments and sights just walking or taking part to the shows and games (more than 50 different ones).


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