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There’s no such thing as Italian food!

Italian Food
Well, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but in Italy, cuisine is regional which means that a lasagne made in the north will be remarkably different to one made in the south. In fact, recipes vary from village to village, and have been handed down though the generations.
There is still typical tourist fare of pizza, spaghetti with meatballs, and tortellini, but why not consider local and regional specialities, visit an Osteria, once popular with the poor, but now serves traditional dishes and some excellent wine which can be enjoyed by everyone.
Eat what is fresh and in season. In the north risotto and polenta are enjoyed more so than pasta. Vialone Nano is the local rice which is used in a tasty rice soup.
Other delicacies of Verona are horse and donkey meat, don’t worry, you don’t have to try this; it is a tradition dating back to Roman times, and if you do try it you will find it particularly tasty. A typical dish is Pastisada de Caval, a dish of braised horsemeat, or a ravioli type dish known as Casoncelli. If you prefer a meat free pasta dish, try Pizzocheri a buckwheat pasta filled with sage and cheese,.
A short distance from the Piazze delle Erbe and the banks of the Adige, Osteria Il Bertoldo is a small family run restaurant, serving some of those traditional dishes alongside fresh bass, sea bream, and beef from Argentina. The service is friendly and attentive, but remember to book a table in advance or arrive early, as after 8.30pm the queues reach out into the street during bust periods.
Another Osteria not to miss is Osteria da Ugo. If you like to try a little of everything order the tasting menu, they also offer delicious ravioli stuffed with truffles and some of the best Tiramisu. If your Italian is a little rusty, the waiters will take time to explain the dishes in English and make you feel like one of the family.
These are just two of the authentic restaurants you can find in Verona, and there are many more. These are marvellous places to experience real cuisine from the Veneto region, authentic, and tasty, with excellent service to match!


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