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Summer 2013: The Verona Opera Festival celebrates its 100 years


Summer 2013 in Verona: many events will the 100 years of the most famous Italian Opera Festival meaning the Verona Opera Festival at the Arena. It is not a mystery that here every year thousands of opera lovers gather to see rich and unforgettable shows. Over the time the skills of some of the most gifted directors and talented singers and performers created the legend of Verona Opera Festival. The shows are unbelievable and totally worth the price you are going to spend.
A long tradition of success which can be traced back to the very beginning of 20th century: the festival was born in 1913 and its first production was a version of Aida which the great scenarios created by the deco Italian architect Ettore Fagiouli.
After a period of silence caused by the dramatic events during the two World Wars, the Opera Festival at Arena di Verona became a real reference point for most opera fanatics and amateurs coming from all over the world.
The concerts calendar will cover up from 14th June up to 8th September: a record of 58 performances and shows and 3 gala nights. Placido Domingo, in the past one of the prestigious consultants for the festival, will be the Artistic Director of the all celebration’s events.
What about the programme? Well, the Aida will be staged twice from two different companies: one version will be directed by the innovative and experimental “Fura dels Baus” and the other will be a recall of the original 1913 show.
Do not forget that in 2013 Italy will celebrate the Bi-centenary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth, and the Verona Opera Festival in fact presents a complete versions for the maestro music and operas. A variety of collaborations and joint-events together with the festivals connected to Verdi is also in the consistent and already fabulous programme for Verona Opera Festival.
The big celebrations for the Centenary of the prestigious Verona Opera Festival at the Arena are developing and spanning to include all sort of events in the town of Romeo and Juliet. The Museo dell’Opera (Opera Museum) has entire sections dedicated both to the Centenary and to the Bi-centenary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth.
During 2013, if you are coming in Verona to have a go with the exquisite wine and a look to its glorious past, there are plenty of shows, live performances, exhibitions and concerts in every single theatre and “piazza” in Verona.


Wow, I've been to see the Aida of the "centenario", it was amazing!!

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