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Springtime in Verona

Hi everybody, today is 21st March, the first day of Spring. This morning I was in the city center of Verona and the weather was so sunny and warm. I've made some pictures around the Arena square to show you how is here today.
If you're planning your holiday in Verona this could be a great period to come because the city is not crowded, the climate is perfect and sun is shining. There are not many events in March, but if you like culture and art this could be a great occasion to visit Verona historical center with just a few people around: historical sites, roman ruins, museums, the Arena and nature from a different and better point of view.

This is a picture of the Arena and the town Hall taken by the steps of Gran Guardia Palace.

Arena and the Town Hall

This picture is taken by the steps of the Town Hall. It shows the Arena and further you can see historical palaces and shopping streets.

Arena and palaces in Bra square

These are the gardens of Piazza Bra, a perfect place also for reading a book or if you are a computer addicted here there is a free wireless connection.

Gardens in Bra square

The 17th century palace of Gran Guardia, one of the beauties of Verona.

Gran Guardia palace

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