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Sant'Anastasia Church restored

Sant'Anastasia Church, one of the most relevant monument of Verona, a beautiful church of gothic now is visible totally restored. The restoring started in 2005 has been finished yesterday.
Sant'Anastasia represent the pure italian gothic Art; the church is dated 1280 AC when the works for its construction began by a planning of Fra Benvenuto and Fra Nicola (two monks). In 1400 it was completed and it was dedicated to "S. Peter martyr", but the name (Sant'Anastasia) was taken by another church that was on the same site, this one built on order of King Teodorico and obviously dedicated to another Saint: Saint Anastasia.
80 people worked for this important restoring during 3 phases: the first one on the exterior, marbles and facade; the second one on the structure of the church; the third one was probably the most difficult to realize because was focused on the restoring of decorations, paintings, marbles, gold parts, monuments, arches and frescos. Now colors shine in and every part of this monument looks so bright and clear.
Inside the church everyone that come to visit Verona can now admire frescos of Pisanello, of Liberale and artworks of Michele da Firenze among many other anonymous masterpieces of the art of Verona.
Saint Anastasia Church in Verona


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