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San Fermo Verona

This post is dedicated to one of the most beautiful churches of Verona. The first signs of the presence of this church are dated 8th century. Later, during 11th century, the monks "benedettini" built the upper and lower parts of the building (two separated churches) and started to build the bell tower. At that time the style of the church was romanesque in upper and lower sides, but later, when benedictines were replaced by franciscans, a major transformation started and the upper church became gothic. Now the building is famous because the fusion of the two styles (romanesque and gothic) that makes the church a masterpiece given to the city of Verona by centuries.
San Fermo Facade
San Fermo from the riverside
The facade has two loggias, arches, a beautiful "trifora" (the three holes and arches on the top of the facade), a huge romanesque gateway made of bronze by the sculptor Minguzzi of 14th century and a monumental grave with the mortal remains of Aventino Fracastoro, Scaligeri's doctor. The secondary door is surmounted by a porch that covers the steps and the entry. The apses are relevant, decorated with cusps and pinnacles. They are near high windows and a beautiful loggia (in the south side of the church). The bell tower is really particular with bricks of two different colours and elegant triple arches on top.
The interior of the church has a unique nave and five apses. The various chapels contains statues of marble, graves, columns, altars, pales and a rood. The chancel contains the mortal remains of the saints Fermo and Rustico (the church is dedicated to them).
The church of San Fermo and Rustico is one of the best sites if you plan to visit the gothic and romanesque Verona.

the monumental grave of Fracastoro
some details of the enterior of the upper church
The lower church of San fermo
the upper curch of San Fermo

the rood in a chapel 

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