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Arche Scaligere - Scaligeri Graves

If you walk toward the Cathedral coming from delle Erbe square passing through Piazza dei Signori you will notice some monuments that are called Arche scaligere. These are the tombs of the Della Scala family, the most important family of the past of Verona that ruled in the city from the 13th to the late 14th century. There are five Gothic funerary monuments right out of the church Santa Maria Antica.
The style is Gothic and all of the graves are in the shape of a small temple, covered by a baldachin. According to many historians they are one of the most outstanding examples of Gothic art.
Arche Scaligere - Verona
The funeral monument dedicated to Scaligeri family

The graves are those of the following notable members of the Scaliger dynasty:

  • Cangrande I. This monument was built in the 14th century, by an order of the deceased after he died, he was the most famous ruler of the city. The designer was the architect of the church of Sant'Anastasia, who planned it in the shape of a Gothic tabernacle, supported by dogs figures (Cangrande means "Big dog" in Italian). On the cover you can see the statue of the lord, characterized by an unusual smile. All around on the monument you can notice represented some events of the life of Cangrande. On the top of the monument there is an equestrian statue of Cangrande, now replaced by a copy because the original is in the museum of Castelvecchio.
  • Mastino II. The construction begun in 1345 when Mastino was alive, this tomb was modified during its construction. This is probably the most precious of the grave monuments dedicated to the Scaligeri. It was originally painted and gilted, and it is enclosed by a railing with four statues of the Virtues on the corners. 
  • Cansignorio. The lord started to think about his funeral monument in 1364 because of his illness. but the construction is dated 1375. It costed more than 10.000 fiorini (the local money) that was a huge amount for that time. This tomb is the most richly decorated. It was designed by Bonino da Campione.
View on Scaligeri Graves from a palace
The palace of the Province in front of Arche Scaligere
These monuments of Verona are a masterpiece of gothic art and some historians said that they are as important as the cathedral of Milan and Assisi.
A part of the monument restored


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