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Cangrande della Scala - Lord of Verona

In my posts I've always mentioned Della Scala Family, also known as Scaligeri. This was the most important family of Verona that ruled the city for so long during the middle age.

Cangrande della Scala (9 March 1291 – 22 July 1329) was the most celebrated nobleman of the della Scala family. He was the one who hosted in Verona the poet Dante Alighieri when he came here on exile. Cangrande was a successful warrior and autocrat, in fact he became the sole ruler of Verona 1311 and either of several neighbouring cities like Vicenza, Belluno, Feltre, Padua and Treviso. During his life his main enemy was the city of Padua, but after his military campaigns against cities around Verona he was able to conquer Vicenza, Padua (the most important domain nearby) and Treviso. Unfortunately, his triumph in this last city was marred, for he had become seriously ill as the result, according to contemporary accounts, of drinking from a polluted spring a few days before. He hadn't survived to this accident and he died.
Cangrande della Scala is also known for being leader of the Ghibelline faction in northern Italy, against the faction of Guelphs leaded by the Pope.

the statue of Cangrande della Scala over his tomb in the area of Scaligeri graves

Cangrande della Scala statue smiling


great statue of an important historic personality.

It is always interesting acknowledging new historical facts.

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