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Lamberti tower - Verona

The Lamberti tower is situated in Piazza Erbe, the former roman forum of the city. Its name (Lamberti) comes from a family of Verona whose origins are unknown, but we know for sure that this building was their tower-house and we also know that it was built in 1172 during the middle age.
On 1295, two bells were placed on the tower: the first one (the small one) called "Marangona" was to signal fires and the big one, called "Rengo", was to call a meeting of the town's council and to call the citizens of Verona in case of attacks to defend the city. The two bells have been fused several times and they are actually well conserved.
At the beginning, in 1172 the tower wasn't as high as it is actually. In 1403 a lightning struck the tower and knocked off its top.  After this event the city decided to restore and to raise the tower higher. From that time the Lamberti tower is the highest building of the city of Verona; a beautiful octagonal capital with large openings on every side was added on the top and now the tower is 84 metres high. The clock that you can notice nowadays has been added in 1779 and now you can also take a lift to reach the top of the tower to admire the city from above. This is one of the best places to enjoy the entire view of the historical center. As a matter of fact, the tower is in the middle of the city and from here you can really understand how Verona is: the hills on the background, the river, the monuments and the shape of the old roman city. 
I think that this should be one of the first places to visit if you are a tourist on holiday and if you want to understand Verona, to better move during your walking tours.
Lamberti tower and Madonna Verona Fountain
Lamberti Tower

A view on the hills from Lamberti tower

The Arena from Lamberti Tower

Lamberti tower from Piazza Erbe

Lamberti tower from Piazza dei Signori
The stairs to the top of the tower
A view of Lamberti tower from the Arena during a concert

Castel San Pietro from Lamberti tower

A view of Verona from Lamberti Tower
A view on the hills from Lamberti tower
Piazza Erbe from Lamberti tower

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