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Malcesine Monte Baldo

Lake Garda Panorama from Baldo in Malcesine
If you spend your holiday in Verona, and if you like panoramas and nature, there is a place that is really worth seeing for a day-trip. If you have a car you can drive toward Lake Garda, to Malcesine, a small city on the lake. Here you will find directions to the cableway. This attraction is perfect during all the time of the year, for winter holidays or for summer holidays too. The cableway departing station is a few metres from the lake and even from here the view is fantastic because this part of Lake Garda is among high mountains.
For a ride they charge you 18€ (with the return ticket included) and in 10 minutes you can reach the top of the mountain (1800 metres on the sea level). This part of the alps is called Monte Baldo and this is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, entertainment for kids, typical foods or just for a walk around.
Yesterday I went to Malcesine with my girlfriend and from Lake Garda we reached the Monte Baldo peak.
We made a lot of pictures, we walked around and we ate typical foods like Capriolo con Polenta (roe deer with a corn cream) and Canederli (they are balls made with bread and meat). To give you an idea of the great panoramas and views from this place I publish some pictures that will give you breathless:

A view of Malcesine (Lake Garda) from the cableway

Malcesine - Monte Baldo: the cableway

The refuge at the arrival of the cableway and a great lake Garda Panorama

You can see Malcesine on the bottom, picture from the Cableway

This is a view of lake Garda from Monte Baldo 
Lake Garda from the peak of Monte Baldo, 1800 metres on the sea level
Skiing on Monte Baldo
The Alps panorama from Monte Baldo
A breathtaking picture of Lake Garda from the peak of Monte Baldo
Riva del Garda from the peak of Monte Baldo

A little lake and Alps from Monte Baldo

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