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Ślub w Weronie – kilka wskazówek

W jednym z naszych wcześniejszych artykułów pisaliśmy o możliwości pobrania się w Domu Julii. Znajdziesz w nim wszystkie informacje, których możesz potrzebować, poznasz ceny oraz opis, jak się to odbywa, ale jeśli Twoim marzeniem jest prawdziwe uczczenie swojego ślubu w Weronie, mieście miłości, mogę zasugerować Ci kilka miejsc, gdzie przykładowo możesz zrobić ślubną sesję zdjęciową, zjeść i przenocować.

Jednodniowa wycieczka nad jezioro Garda (wschodnie wybrzeże)

The story and legend of the Tortellino di Valeggio – Lovers Knot

Tortellini verona
Every year in the middle of June, Valeggio celebrates the Feast of Love Knot, an event which celebrates the typical tortellini of the area. The Feast of Love Knot is without doubt, one of the most fascinating events of Veronese tradition. 
It all started with a legend that, in classic tradition, has two characters which are deeply in love but unable show it. The characters are Malchus, captain of the Visconti troops, and Silvia, beautiful water nymph of the Mincio.

Sirmione on Lake Garda

Sirmione sits on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Garda, a pretty medieval town at the end of a large peninsula jutting out into the lake.

Detox at beautiful Lake Garda

Thermal park
The Christmas and New Year celebrations always pile on a few extra pounds, or maybe you’ve made a resolution to get in shape in 2012, but whatever your reasons for choosing a spa break, Lake Garda is the perfect destination.

Verona with Children

Many visitors dismiss a city break with children, as they fear that there will be nothing to keep them entertained. In Verona that certainly is not the case.
Whether the family enjoys the great outdoors with plenty of room to work off that excess energy, or a theme park with rollercoaster’s and movie stars, there is something for everyone.

Gardaland's new Raptor roller coaster - POV video

Gardaland Raptor
If you read my last post about new attractions 2011 of Gardaland, the biggest theme park of Lake Garda (the main italian one also) you know that Raptor is the new winged roller coaster of the park. An extreme flight seated into the wings of this scary attractions.

Travelling with your best friend


It’s a dilemma you’d love to take a break, but you genuinely hate leaving your four- legged friend in kennels. You could ask your parents again, but last time he stayed there he dug up their garden, so they probably won’t agree.

But you don’t have to stay at home; now you can visit historic and beautiful places with your best friend in tow. How? Well, Verona has some impressive facilities for people travelling with pets, so why not give it a try.

The Great Night of the Stars on Lake Garda

Get married in Verona - A few tips

Wedding in Verona
In one of our past articles we've talked about how to get married in Juliet's house. In that post you can find all the information you need, prices and how it works, but if you dream to celebrate your wedding in Verona, the city of love, I could suggest you some places where for example you can make the photo shooting or where to eat and stay.