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Food and Wine

The story and legend of the Tortellino di Valeggio – Lovers Knot

Tortellini verona
Every year in the middle of June, Valeggio celebrates the Feast of Love Knot, an event which celebrates the typical tortellini of the area. The Feast of Love Knot is without doubt, one of the most fascinating events of Veronese tradition. 
It all started with a legend that, in classic tradition, has two characters which are deeply in love but unable show it. The characters are Malchus, captain of the Visconti troops, and Silvia, beautiful water nymph of the Mincio.

What is prosecco

What is prosecco?

The area around Verona is famous for its wines, but in the Province of Treviso, visitors on a tour of the Veneto region can experience an entirely different wine – Prosecco.

Prosecco is an extremely significant part of Italian life, it is consumed at celebrations in much same way as Champagne, but it is also enjoyed every day. Between February and June ‘Primavera Prosecco’ is a four month event which takes place celebrating the authentic land and the wines of the region, with special events, concerts and of course, tastings.

Bollito con la Pearà

Sunday lunch in Verona is a special time, and Bollito con la Pearà is one of the many dishes which grace Veronese tables.
The pearà, a Venetian term meaning ‘pepper’, is a sauce made from breadcrumbs, beef marrow, Parmesan, and of course chilli pepper. The Bollito is boiled beef, or lesso as it is called, which is cooked slowly for 2 to 3 hours, with the pearà then served on the side.

Help! The menu is in Italian.

In some of the less touristy spots, and even ones that are in popular tourist areas, you may come across an Italian restaurant that doesn’t have a menu in English. You don’t need to walk off and find a fast food chain where you know what’s what; take a chance and keep this piece with you, and you can enjoy some excellent local dishes.
Antipasti - Starter
Prima – Pasta course
Secondo – Main Course
Carne - Meat

Verona Chocolate 2012

Chocolate Verona
This year the second edition of "Chocolate Verona" will take place. Last year it was a success and in my opinion this is one of the best markets you can join in Verona. Even if the tradition of this event is pretty recent the products you can taste are so good. The quality and the experience of the artisans of "Chocolate Verona" is so high that we can truly say that what they prepare and sell during the event is a real art.
The dates of the event and the location are always the same:
Piazza Bra (the arena square) from 13th to 16th January.
The banquets in the square are opened from 9.30 am to 11 pm.

There’s no such thing as Italian food!

Italian Food
Well, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but in Italy, cuisine is regional which means that a lasagne made in the north will be remarkably different to one made in the south. In fact, recipes vary from village to village, and have been handed down though the generations.
There is still typical tourist fare of pizza, spaghetti with meatballs, and tortellini, but why not consider local and regional specialities, visit an Osteria, once popular with the poor, but now serves traditional dishes and some excellent wine which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Wine tours from Verona

Wine tours verona
The great thing about a break in Verona is that not only do you get to visit some fabulous sights; you have the opportunity to get out into the Italian countryside and visit the lakes and some superb vineyards.

Winetasting Verona

Yesterday I went with a friend of mine to visit a winery near the town.
Verona is one of the most famous cities for wine and the area of Valpolicella is probably the second most important wine zone in Italy.