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Giusti Gardens (Giardini Giusti)

If you like nature and gardens there is a place that you must visit when you come for your holiday in Verona. It is one of the most beautiful italian garden of late Renaissance. This is called Giardini Giusti or Giusti gardens if you want to translate the italian name. In the property there is an important palace called Palazzo Giusti that is right at the entry and the huge garden made in 16th century.
Walking through the ways of this fascinating place you could see statues, fountains and pools with many types of precious trees and plants. This garden has been declared national monument for its beauty and historical importance.
As I wrote at the beginning, at the entry, right beyond the gate you can immediately notice the palace that compared with other italian villas is in an unusual position because other villas are in general on the top of hills and the gardens guide the visitor to the main house. Giusti gardens are exactly the opposite, so first of all you pass by the Villa and than you can walk through the nature toward a panoramic places where you can admire the entire city from above.
Many important historical personalities visited the gardens and fore example Goethe wrote beautiful words about the cypresses that stand on the sides of the garden's ways. On the top of the hill there is a romantic cloister with some historical writings (some of them very important). 
Air view of Giusti Gardens
Villa of Palazzo Giusti on the background 
Pools in Giusti Gardens

Fountains in Giusti Gardens

The terrace (belvedere) of Giardini Giusti

View from the terrace of Giusti Gardens