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Castles near Verona: Soave

Castle verona
If Castelvecchio, the military fortress of the Scaligeri family that ruled Verona in the Middle Ages is , together with Castel San Pietro, the most famous and visited castle by tourists in the city of Verona, it is certainly not the only one nearby. There are in fact 23 castles listed in Verona province, and they can easily be divided into four categories depending on their location: urban castles, western area, south-eastern area and north-eastern area.

Among the most charming castles to be visited for a day-trip from Verona is the one in Soave, a small town 23 km far from Verona city centre and easily reached by car on the A4 motorway. The castle, perched on top of a hill, is a typical military artifact of the Medieval age and it represents one of the best examples of castle architecture in Veneto, Northern Italy. It comprises a mastio, donjon, and three lines of walls forming three courts of different size. The first of the original castle is the second and larger court, while the most recent is the outer line, with a gate and a draw bridge, built by the Venetians in the 15th century. The most impressive feature of the castle is the mastio: there are evidences that this place was used as a prison and place of tortures. The castle walls slope downwards embracing the whole medieval town of Soave.

The castle and the vineyards in Soave

Frescos and portraits of the most famous Scaliger figures such as Mastino I, Cangrande, Cansignorio and Taddea da Carrara, wife of Mastino II, decorate the castle rooms.

Dante Alighieri, the famous Italian poet author of "La Divina Commedia", is said to have visited the castle (you will see his portrait there, so we can assume it's true that he actually stayed at the castle), so why wouldn't you? Just remember: the castle is closed on Monday.
For those arriving by car: take the A4 motorway and exit at Soave-Bonifacio; you can reach the castle by car (parking space available) or leave the car in town and follow the pedestrian route from central Piazza Antenna. For those arriving by train: the nearest station is San Bonifacio.