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Sirmione on Lake Garda

Sirmione sits on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Garda, a pretty medieval town at the end of a large peninsula jutting out into the lake.
Sirmione's little harbor - the view on the castle

It’s a picture book. From the moment you walk across the bridge through the old town, the tiny, ancient streets and historical stone buildings are a treat for the eyes and the camera. All the guidebooks talk about the moated castle of Rocca Scaligera and the Roman Ruins, and they are, without doubt, extremely beautiful places to visit, but Sirmione's collection of small streets and exciting pieces of ‘ordinary’ architecture will also draw your attention. The houses with their balconies overflowing with flowers and shutters drawn against the heat, there is washing hanging overhead and music coming from above. Sirmione’s ancient centre is an essential place for visitors to stroll and take in the atmosphere.

The village of Sirmione from seen from the castle

Needless to say, there are many restaurants and osteria in both the centre and around the lake. There is something for every pocket from light lunches to a traditional Italian pranzo of many courses, but wherever you choose, you will find excellent value for money, and certainly not prices inflated because of its location or visitor numbers.

Your trip to Sirmione can take many turns, some visitors just like to walk around and take in the streets, the lake, and the magnificent countryside; others enjoy the shopping opportunities, a trip out onto the lake, or visiting some of the historical sights.

Romans remains in Sirmione

If you love to walk in the open, one of the great delights of Lake Garda is that there are many lovely walks around the lake, and Sirmione is no exception. Others may prefer to walk through the rows of shops which sell everything from china and glass, to designer clothes stores. Here, you can spend 2000 euros on a cashmere jacket or ten euros on souvenir t-shirt, but its always nice to be reminded of your trip when you get back home.

The castle and the Roman ruins are amongst the main reasons people choose to visit Sirmione. Rocca Scaligera, protected by a moat, is patrolled by swans, its appearance is almost like Cinderella’s castle; climb the ramparts for a lovely view of the lake. Villa Romana is another popular attraction, out on the headland. There are the Grotte di Catullo, or caves of Catullus and the ruins where visitors can roam and picture the Romans going about their business.

Roman ruins in Sirmione on Lake Garda
Roman ruins in Sirmione - view from the boat

Last but by no means least; Sirmione has been a famous spa town since August 1889. The thermal properties were discovered by a diver, who came from Venice to lay pipes under the lake, he was probably more than a little surprised when he encountered sulphurous water of 70 degrees, but very soon, the hot spring was connected to the town, and that’s how the town’s spa industry started.