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Verona by Night

Last night I went out for dinner with some friends and when I came home the city was sleeping, the center was really calm and quiet because of the late hour, so I decided to share with you some pictures of Verona by Night. Every city center (even the smallest) during the day is busy and noisy, but if you walk around during the night you can admire some beautiful details that you don't see running in the crowd. When the sun goes down Verona is for certain the city of Love, there are a lot of panoramic places with fantastic view and every street of the historical center has something magic because of the huge quantity of monuments and remains of the past. I will write a lot in the future about Verona by night, about the events, the places and the people you may find if you like the late hours, but this post is just a screenshot of an ordinary winter night when everybody is sleeping. If you plan to visit Verona for your holidays, especially if you use to live in a big town, I suggest to try something different and enjoy the atmosphere of an entire historical city just for your self, go out at 3 AM and have a look around. If you think that it could be dangerous, don't worry, Verona is a really safe place to stay.

Sant'Anastasia and Adige River by night

A panorama on the city taken by Castel San Pietro

St. George church in Verona by night

The walls of the old town of Verona by night
The Arena by night during a concert