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Region Veneto – Soave.


23 kilometry na wschód od Werony znajduje się gmina Soave, w której żyje ok. 6800 mieszkańców. Dla Rzymian było to ważne miejsce wypoczynkowe na drodze Via Postumia, łączącej miasto Aquileia na wschodzie z Genoą na zachodzie. Ale Soave było i wciąż jest ważnym miejscem również z innego powodu – jego białego wina.

Tak więc, kelner zasugeruje Ci, że butelka Soave idealnie będzie komponować się z potrawą, którą zamówiłeś, ale jakim winem jest właściwie Soave, jakiego gatunku wina możesz się spodziewać?

The story and legend of the Tortellino di Valeggio – Lovers Knot

Tortellini verona
Every year in the middle of June, Valeggio celebrates the Feast of Love Knot, an event which celebrates the typical tortellini of the area. The Feast of Love Knot is without doubt, one of the most fascinating events of Veronese tradition. 
It all started with a legend that, in classic tradition, has two characters which are deeply in love but unable show it. The characters are Malchus, captain of the Visconti troops, and Silvia, beautiful water nymph of the Mincio.

The Veneto region – Soave.

Twenty three kilometres east of Verona is the comune of Soave with a population of around 6,800 people. For the Romans, it was an important resting point on the Via Postumia between Aquileia in the east, and Genoa in the west. But Soave was, and still is, important for another reason - its white wine.

So, your waiter suggests that a bottle of Soave would go well with the food you have chosen, but what type of wine is Soave, and what kind of wine can you expect?

Easter in Veneto

Bevilaqua castle
To Italians, Easter is just as, if not more important than Christmas. As well as the traditional parades and religious events the whole country holds special events, so if you’re in the Veneto region on a break, here are a few of those special events which you might like to get involved in.

Sirmione on Lake Garda

Sirmione sits on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Garda, a pretty medieval town at the end of a large peninsula jutting out into the lake.

Castles near Verona: Soave

Castle verona
If Castelvecchio, the military fortress of the Scaligeri family that ruled Verona in the Middle Ages is , together with Castel San Pietro, the most famous and visited castle by tourists in the city of Verona, it is certainly not the only one nearby. There are in fact 23 castles listed in Verona province, and they can easily be divided into four categories depending on their location: urban castles, western area, south-eastern area and north-eastern area.