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Summer 2013: The Verona Opera Festival celebrates its 100 years


Summer 2013 in Verona: many events will the 100 years of the most famous Italian Opera Festival meaning the Verona Opera Festival at the Arena. It is not a mystery that here every year thousands of opera lovers gather to see rich and unforgettable shows. Over the time the skills of some of the most gifted directors and talented singers and performers created the legend of Verona Opera Festival. The shows are unbelievable and totally worth the price you are going to spend.

Spektakl Opera on Ice 2012

Nagrody Wind Music Awards w werońskiej Arenie


Mój ostatni artykuł dotyczył koncertów rockowych i popowych odbywających się w Arenie. Jeśli akurat spędzasz wakacje w Weronie, w ten weekend odbędzie się wydarzenie, które być może Cię zainteresuje. W piątkowy i sobotni wieczór, 27 i 28 maja, odbędzie się tu ceremonia Wind Music Awards. W wydarzeniu tym, sponsorowanym przez Wind i Infostradę, dwie firmy telekomunikacyjne, będą uczestniczyć artyści z całego świata (w szczególności z Włoch). 

Koncerty w Arenie – sezon 2011

Wydarzenia w Arenie – aktualizacja sezonu 2011

Rock concerts Arena Verona


Na lato planowanych jest w Arenie kilka nowych wydarzeń. Sezon operowy wciąż trwa, wiele nowych spektakli odbędzie się do września, ale jeśli chcesz przyjechać do Werony na wakacje i jeśli preferujesz koncerty rockowe lub innego typu widowiska, przedstawiam to, co można zobaczyć na żywo:

Laura Pausini at Verona’s Arena.

Laura Pausini Arena di Verona
Zurich, Paris, Madrid, and London have all seen the great Laura Pausini World tour, and on the 4th, 5th and 6th of June, she will grace Verona’s Arena.
The Italian born singer kicked off her ‘Inedito Wold Tour’ on the 22nd December in Milan, a tour that, when it closes, will have been performed in over 100 venues around the world. The Made In Italy tour features top international professionals, and is said to be ‘the most sophisticated, poetic, and all-encompassing tour ever put on the road by an Italian artist.’

Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni
Verona’s 2012 opera season starts on the 22nd of June with a performance of Mozart’s finest opera, Don Giovanni, but if what’s it all about, and what can you expect from this performance?

Nabucco - plot of the Opera

After the flop of his opera "Un giorno di regno" the young compositor Giuseppe Verdi rushes himself into the decision of changing career and not writing music anymore. In this early giving up, Verdi is firmly opposed by Merelli who, despite the flop, does not allow him to stop writing and soon after forces him to read a libretto by Temistocle Solera that Otto Nicolai, the future author of "Le allegri comari di Windsor", had refused.

Aida, plot of the Opera

Aida verona
Aida is one of the most famous Operas of the program of the Opera Season in the Arena. Every year this show takes place in Verona. Here below you can read a short plot that will help you to better understand what's happening during the show written by Giuseppe Verdi (the Original Opera is in Italian).

The Barber of Seville in the Arena

Barber of Seville in Arena Verona

I am not an Opera expert, but this year I've been to see the Barber of Seville in the Arena, for sure one of the most "funny" Operas on the program of the Opera season that every year take place in Verona during the summer. I write here below the plot of the show.