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Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon

Half marathon in Verona

February the 19th was an exciting day in Verona; it was the 5th annual Giulietta e Romeo Half Marathon.
In 2011, 3,826 competitors crossed the finishing line, making it the third most popular marathon in Italy. This year 4,292 runners helped to make this the best year ever for the event.

The 2012 event also saw the marathon take a brand new course, quite literally, as a brand new route was covered. The starting flag was dropped at the Palazzetto dello Sport, and at first the course was fast and wide, allowing runners to reach their optimum speed.
The first 14km travelled through the city centre, passing close to the Arena, in Piazza Bra, at Km5. At Km7, the road narrowed at the Porta Vescovo’s Arch, a legendary passage that was opened for this very special occasion. At this point, the course was a little less smooth, as the pave, or stone paving of the medieval centre was not designed for running marathons. Competitors passed some of Verona’s popular sights such as Sottoriva and the Cathedral of Verona.

Just before the half way point at 10th km, runners were able to stop or pause, at a designated drinking point. From this point, the route opened up and followed the wide streets, crossing into the district of Borgo Trento.
From here the next point of interest along the route was at Km12, the Porta San Zeno, the headquarters of the Carnival Committee of Bacanal del Gnoco, the oldest carnival parade in Europe. It may have felt like the end when the runners arrived back at the Palazzetto dello Sport after 14km, and for some it was, as this half marathon also incorporates what is known as the ‘Duo Half Marathon’ where a team of two runners split the distance, meaning the first runner stops and a second takes over.
From here, the last 7km took a route through the heart of the city past yet more of Verona’s historical monuments, squares, and places. The cathedral, the Piazza dei Signoiri, Piazza Erbe, Porta Palino, Porta Borsai and many more. But perhaps the highlight of this half marathon was when the runners passed through the Arena.

Here are the runners who finished in the top ten, their position, country, when they were born, and the time in which they completed the course.

1 KENYA KIPYEKO Kennedy 1991 01:02:36
2 KENYA NDIWA Robert 1989 01:02:51
3 ITALY PERTILE Ruggero 1974 01:04:38
4 ITALY GUALDI Giovanni 1979 01:05:49
5 AUSTRIA WEGER Roman 1974 01:08:35
6 TUNISIA TAHARY Mohamed Raphael 1988 01:09:02
7 ITALY WEGHER Simone 1978 01:10:24
8 TUNISIA CHIHAOUI Ridha Ben Lazhar 1976 01:10:41
9 ITALY MAROGNA Alberto 1973 01:11:21
10 ITALY PIUBELLI Isacco 1982 01:12:09


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