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Porta Borsari - Roman gateway

The name "Borsari" comes from the term "bursarii", people that collected bishop's duties during the middle age. During the roman period this gateway was called Porta Iovia, in honor of Jupiter, whose temple was right out the walls of the Roman city. Now the temple doesn't exist anymore, but some remains are exposed in the Monumental Cemetery of the City. Porta Borsari was probably opened during 1st century b.c. on the Postumia way that in the urban area was called "decumano massimo" and it was renovated during 1st century a.c.
This gateway was the main entry of Verona, in fact, its precious decorations were very important to remark the importance of the city. Porta Borsari wasn't just a gateway because it was an entire building with a central courtyard  and two ways in the middle of the facade. Now only the exterior facade is visible, made of local white limestone, and the two arches with two series of windows above (some of them with beautiful decorations). Over the arches there is a writing, written by the order of Emperor Gallieno that indicates another renovation in the year 265 a.c., when the gateway was enlarged.
Porta Borsari by day

Porta Borsari by night

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