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Places near Verona


Dear reader, first of all, I would like to introduce you my town and let you know what are the other touristic places around. Verona is an historical city, but it's famous in Italy for many other attractions. If you don't know this you may have a wrong idea of the place you want to visit.
Verona is a province (in italian "provincia") and is situated in a larger area called Veneto (the region, "regione" in italian). The main city of the region is Venice and Verona is the second town of this area as inhabitants and as relevance. It's also known as one of the most important city of northern Italy because it's situated right in the middle of the northern part of the country and the main streets, railways and flights toward the eastern/western and northern/southern Europe pass through. Here below a picture of the two european axes that cross Verona (from Berlin to Palermo and from Lisboa to Kiev).

To better show you Verona's attractions I want to start from places really close the town centre:
  • Lake Garda
  • Valpolicella
  • Lessinia
  • Monte Baldo
  • Soave
Lake Garda is the biggest italian lake (it is situated in the middle of three regions: Veneto, Lombardia and Trentino). This is the main touristic area near the town and its perfect for the summer time. In the bottom of the lake there are plains and hills and it's famous for nightlife, entertainment, parks and shopping too. In this part of the lake there are also many Villages with a lot of history (from romans to modern time): Peschiera del Garda, Sirmione, Desenzano, Bardolino, Lazise and much more. Another thing to mention about this area is wine, because there are a lot of vineyards and wine producer. In the north of the lake there is less nightlife, but you can really join the typical life of small villages and, if you like wind sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing boats, this is like an heaven. I will deepen this argument with future posts. 
Valpolicella is a green area right next the centre of the town and the lake. This zone is one of the most famous wine areas and here, the best wine is produced (probably only the area of Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti is more known). If you like typical dishes or if you love wine tours, here you can taste wines like: Amarone, Valpolicella, Recioto and much more.

Lessinia and Monte Baldo are fascinating places to visit if you like mountains and nature. Here you can ride mountain bikes, hand gliding, walk in the forest and join great panoramas and food.
To complete this first overview Soave is worth to be visited because of its great landscape, wines and medieval castle. 
In the next posts I will try to give you an idea of the tours you can make around Verona (day tours or half day tours). 


Lake Garda is definitely a must see. Spending a holiday there with your beloved ones is an unforgettable experience.

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