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Church of San Zeno
You’ve booked a break in Verona, you’ve researched the attractions, and know the main points of interest, but you also want to find out about some of the places which local people, and ‘visitors in the know’ like to visit.

Here are the top recommendations of places to visit and eat that come highly recommended.

To Visit:
If you’re looking for gorgeous city views, you will undoubtedly visit the Torre Lamberti, but the Giardini Giusti, or Righteous Gardens, also offers a much quieter alternative. The gardens are some of Italy's finest Renaissance gardens; from here, you can also take the short walk up to Castel San Pietro, where, from the large piazza there is an incredible, sweeping panorama of the city. The added bonus of visiting the Castel is that you can enjoy the terrace of the Cappa Caffé. This is where you can enjoy a light lunch, or even a glass wine, whilst enjoying a view across the River Adige all the way to the Arena.

Giardini Giusti - Verona
All of Verona’s churches have hidden qualities, but perhaps the best, is the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore, Verona’s patron saint. The building was founded in the fifth century, but the building you see today is much later, from the 12th century, and is considered to be one of Italy's finest Romanesque churches. The basilica is has some spectacular bronze door panels, depicting scenes of the patrons miracles with biblical ferocity. Inside, there are some magnificent sculptures and incredibly detailed paintings, but perhaps the most famous, is the alter piece by Andrea Mantegna's, the Maesta della Vergine.

To Eat:

Close to Casa di Giulietta. Al Pompiere in Vicolo Regina d'Ungheria is an excellent choice; especially if you’ve forgotten your dictionary or phrase book as their menu is in three languages. Despite the obvious lure of a menu that you can read, the restaurant also remains the choice of locals as well as tourists. Here, they offer an impressive list of speciality meats on their antipasti menu, and local specialities such as pasta e fagioli or a creamy risotto, and a selection of 300 wines.
Close to Piazza delle Erbe in Via Porta Borsari and established in 1969, Caffé Tubino is easily recognisable by its extremely bright sign of coffee cups, a sun, and a flower. This is a bar serving a vast selection of coffee’s including ginseng, chestnut, and chocolate orange.

Caffè Tubino - the best place to have a coffee in Verona
For a romantic evening, La Fontanina, a Michelin-starred restaurant, has been around for more than 200 years. Located in Portichetti Fontanelle, near to the Arena, the food here is traditional with a twist. If you don’t know what to choose, why not try one of their tasting menus.


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