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History and Art

San Giorgio in Braida church

San Giorgio in Braida
San Giorgio in Braida's church is one of the most evocative historical site in the Verona area beyond the bend of the river Adige, thanks to its characteristic Renaissance dome and the gorgeous bell tower, both by Michele Sanmicheli.

New Art exhibitions At Gran Guardia for season 2013-2014

The Cathedral of Verona

The Cathedral, the main church of Verona (but in my opinion not the most beautiful one) is dedicated to S. Maria Assunta and it is one of the examples of romanesque style in Verona. This church is part of a bigger complex of architectural buildings which include
S. Giovanni in Fonte, S. Elena, the cloister, the Capitular library and the bishop’s residence. Here lives and celebrates the bishop, this is why it is considered the main church of Verona.

Renaissance in Verona

Venice Republic during renaissance in Italy was very strong and from 1405 even Verona became part of its domain loosing its independence and becoming a less important center in Italy compared with the importance the city had during the period under the Scala Family. This is why the Renaissance arrived later than other central Italy towns, even if in Verona it had its own peculiarities. 

History of Verona - Austrian emperor

For a short period Verona was part of the domain of Napoleon, but in May 1814, came back to austrians, annexed to the reign Lombardo-Veneto. This was the 7th government in the last 17 years and unfortunately due to this instability, many monuments and artworks was damaged or lost for ever.

Piazza dei Signori - Lords square

Giusti Gardens (Giardini Giusti)

If you like nature and gardens there is a place that you must visit when you come for your holiday in Verona. It is one of the most beautiful italian garden of late Renaissance. This is called Giardini Giusti or Giusti gardens if you want to translate the italian name. In the property there is an important palace called Palazzo Giusti that is right at the entry and the huge garden made in 16th century.

Sant'Anastasia Church restored

Sant'Anastasia Church, one of the most relevant monument of Verona, a beautiful church of gothic now is visible totally restored. The restoring started in 2005 has been finished yesterday.

Cangrande della Scala - Lord of Verona

In my posts I've always mentioned Della Scala Family, also known as Scaligeri. This was the most important family of Verona that ruled the city for so long during the middle age.

Romeo and Juliet story - summary

I don't want to write here a detailed story of Romeo and Juliet because if you really want to know everything about them you should buy a book of Shakespeare or maybe you could go to see some shows performed by artists from all over the world (ballet or theater too). I just want to write a short summary to explain why Verona is now called "the city of Love".

This is a summary of the story of Romeo and Juliet: