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Christmas holidays

The weekend of "Santa Lucia"

Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia is one of the most famous saints of Verona because during the weekend next 13th December, every year a traditional market takes place in the Arena square.
Typical foods, sweets and toys are the main attractions of the banquets.

Christmastime in Verona

Christmas Verona
The most wonderful time of the year, and in Verona, there is something to do throughout the Christmas and New Year season.

New Year eve Verona - part 2


As I wrote in the last post there are some parties and events to celebrate the new year in Verona. I want to give you more information about them. If you spend your Christmas holiday in Verona you probably don't know what to do during the new year eve, so I give you here other solutions for different needs.

New Year eve Verona


If you come to Verona to celebrate the new year (2011) you'd probably like to know something about the events and what kind of parties there are in town. This blog wants to be a real helping guide for tourists and everything you'll read in these pages is written personally by me. I am a native of the city of Verona and I think to know what recommendations to give to people that come here for holiday.

Christmas Run Verona


This year there is a new event for Christmas in Verona and it's something that will probably be replayed every year. It is called "Christmas Run" and it's organized by Verona Marathon and the city of Verona. The event is for charity and a part of the earnings will be devolved to the pediatrics ward of the Borgo Trento Hospital, for children with the worst diseases.
The run is on 19th December 2010 and many people will wear a Santa Claus suit and will run for 5 or 10 km in the centre of Verona. If the next year you want to plan your holiday in Verona, this another event you may be interested in.

Christmas holidays Verona


In other posts I wrote about Christmas in Verona. The most typical and interesting events during this period are the Christmas markets in the squares like S. Lucia fair, Nuremberg Christmas market and every kind of banquet you can find hanging around in the city center. Another nice initiative that every year take place is "presepio" exhibition (nativity scene) inside the Arena. It is a fascinating exhibition with many works from all over the world, art and tradition in a exclusive showroom: the Arena. Every day you can visit the Arena arch rooms from 9 am to 8 pm and the ticket is 7€.

Christmas in Verona

For all of you that want to visit Verona during Christmas holidays there are some traditions you don't have to miss.