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Piazzetta Tirabosco, a Venetian corner in Verona

Piazzetta Tirabosco Verona

In the Middle Ages the prisons were there. Located between Piazza Erbe, via Furriers and Corso Porta Borsari, you can find this hidden corner, named after a scholar and naturalist of the eighteenth century , born in 1707 at number 2 of the alley near San Marco in Foro.
In the past, Piazzatta Tirabosco was also named San Marco in Foro, like the nearby alleys. If you look at the building right down the middle, an apse and a few other architectural element reveals themselves.
In the Middle Ages there were here prisons, too. It was also the parish church of this area, suppressed by the Napoleonic laws.
If the little square had a well in the centre, it would remind us of a Venetian square.
On the left, an old building , with the coat of arms on the door and a large “loggia” above the roof. It was a large hall with a square plan (27 to 78 meters) built in the first century after Christ, as the venue of the meetings for the Order of settlers . 
If you raise your head to the front, there is a corner building with facades, all painted . It is Casa Trevisani - Lonardi , with Reinassancefrescoes by Giovanni Maria Falconet, who created a decoration articulated by pilasters and friezes in 16 patterns: Roman hunts, sacrifices, oracles, battles and victories. 
From here, turn right and enter the blind alley of San Marco, where since 1986 "the Well of Love” has been proposed thanks to OresteDal Zovo. In 1994 with a group of friends he discovered an ancient legend connected to the well and turned it in this peculiar tourist attraction.

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