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Piazza dei Signori - Lords square

One of the most elegant squares of Verona is Piazza dei signori that translated in english is Lords Squares. Another name used by locals is Dante square because of the Dante statue you can see in the middle. Right next to the Erbe square, this area was born during the medieval times during the gradual development of the Scaliger's buildings all around. Most of these buildings were built by Della Scala family when, at that time, they controlled Verona. This is considered by the locals one of the most beautiful squares of the city and wonderful palaces are connected with each other by arches and lodges. The role of this area concerned mainly politics, law and power in general and one of the biggest buildings was the house of Della Scala family.
In this square every tourist can admire:
  • The Council Lodge, properly called Loggia del Consiglio, where during the medieval times and the renaissance a lot of decisions about the city were taken. 
  • The Cansignorio Palace also called Palazzo del Capitanio, that was enclosed in the court's buildings by Cansignorio della Scala and that during venetian domain became the site of "the captain" (find out more on the link before).
  • Palazzo del Podestà, that was the main building of Della Scala Family, where they used to live.
  • Palazzo della Ragione, that was the former town hall during the medieval times and represent a masterpiece in the architecture of this historical period.
  • An important monument dedicated to the greatest italian poet of ever, Dante.
  • Other beautiful small monuments of Verona with a lot of tales and legends about them.
Lamberti tower above Palazzo della Ragione

Palazzo del Cansignorio also called Palazzo del Capitanio

The Council Lodge in the Lords square Verona

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