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Piazza Bra Verona

Piazza Bra is probably the most famous square of Verona because here you can find the Arena, the roman amphitheater that every year hosts concerts, shows and the Opera festival. In Piazza Bra there are several monuments and important buildings like the Gran Guardia, a huge palace of 17th century that now hosts exhibitions, conventions and events. Piazza Bra is than the site of the town hall, called Palazzo Barbieri and there is a beautiful side of the square full of historical palaces with restaurants, shops and smart houses (this side of Bra square is called "the Liston").
Gran Guardia Palace in Piazza Bra (the Arena square)

The "Liston", a side of the Arena square (Piazza Bra)

Palazzo Barbieri, the town Hall of Verona

When tourists come to Verona, the first place they often see is Piazza Bra because they arrive from the train station (Porta Nuova) and passing through Corso Porta Nuova (the long street toward the center) they arrive at the walls of the old town. Here there are two arches with a clock on the top and beyond this the view is great because Piazza Bra is a wide space with monuments and gardens in the middle with a lot of people that use to walk and stay on the shadow of the trees near the fountain positioned in the middle of the square. This part of the town is one of the most fascinating of the centre, but this is also a touristic point and unless there are great restaurants like Tre Corone or Ulivo, I always suggest to tourists other zones of the center if they want to eat typical or if they mind prices. In any case when you decide to plan your holiday in Verona, if you choose an accommodation near the Arena you will be able to reach every point of the historical center on foot.

The Arena - view from Piazza Bra

The fountain and the gardens of Piazza Bra and Gran Guardia on the back

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