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Parking in Verona

parking verona

You are driving to Verona and you are wondering where you will park your car. In Italy parking is never easy and most of the times it is also expansive. Here we will give you a few tips if you are travelling by car. 

If possible choose an accommodation with parking included, very often hotels and apartments in the center have their private parkings, sometimes they rather have a special permission to let you park the car on the street on the blue lines; in general if you park on the blue lines you should pay around 1€ each hour, but with their "special permission" you have a ticket you must show on your car's dashboard that allows you to park for free, besides, with this "ticket" you can also drive in the traffic limitation area (ZTL). Some hotels give you this service for free, but sometimes they charge you a little amout of money. 


If you can't find an accommodation with parking included or if you come for a daytrip there are several solutions for your parking. You can park on the white lines for free, you can park on the blue lines paying at the automatic machines, you can park in the suburbs and use public transport toward the city center and you can finally park in the underground parkings of  Verona city center.

In general, if you can find white lines in the center (rarely) parking is for free, but for just one hour, after that time you should park the car somewhere else. In the suburbs, on the white lines there isn't a time limit and very often parking is for free everywhere. An area where we suggest you to park for free in the suburbs is near the stadium where buses use to pass very often.

On the blue lines in general the price for the parking is 1€ each hour from 8am to 8pm, but always have a look to the roadsigns because in some zones the rule is different.

If you opt for a private or public underground parking price is more convenient if you stay for many hours or eve days. Public parkings are cheaper than private ones, but they are not everywhere. 


Here below a list of private or public parkings of Verona:

Parking Name Address

Cittadella Parking  

Piazza Cittadella
tel. 045 596500
Parking Arena Via M. Bentegodi 8
tel. 045 8009333
Parking Italia Porta Nuova 91
tel. 045 8006312

Autorimessa Paradiso Via Paradiso 13/a
tel. 045 8006354

Piazza Isolo Parking

Via Ponte Pignolo 6/c
tel. 045 8007921

Arsenale parking - Saba Italia

Piazza Arsenale 8
tel. 045 8303460
Metropark Parking - (FS station) Piazzale XXV Aprile
tel. 045 596938
Saba Italia parking
(University; - Polo Zanotto)
Viale Università, 4
tel. 045 8007921
Città di Nimes parking - Amt Via Città di Nimes
Tribunale Parking - Amt Via dello Zappatore
Passalacqua parking - Amt Via dell'Università
Porta Palio parking Stradone Porta Palio
Piazzale Guardini parking Piazzale Guardini
Stadium parking Piazzale Olimpia
Ex Mercato Ortofrutticolo parking Viale del Lavoro

The public parkings are the ones managed by AMT and they are cheaper, for example if you park at Passalacqua, near the university, you pay just 5€ for the whole day (the price of 5€ is if you don't move your car for at least 5 hours).

Our last recommendation is: if you can don't come to Verona by car, just take a train and walk. The best way to see Verona is getting lost in its streets.

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