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Palio del Recioto Negrar

Palio del Recioto is an important traditional challenge especially for locals, not only people from Negrar (the little city where this event is), but even for people of Verona and the entire province.
The challenge lasts 4 days and the opening act was on sunday, Easter. A lot of stands are installed along one of the main streets and here everyone can taste wines and typical products of Valpolicella
During the Palio del Recioto, there are other secondary, but not less important events like the Grand Prix of Palio del Recioto, an international bicycle challenge and than music, shows and a lot of folklore.
This special appointment has become very important during the years and it seems to be very, very traditional compared with other events dedicated to wine. During the "palio", some of the most important wineries of Valpolicella (the main wine area near Verona), challenge themselves for having the privilege of the best Recioto wine of the year. There are experts that taste every product in order to decide the winner. Maybe some of you don't know what is Recioto. This is a sweet wine made with raisin grape. Recioto is one of the oldest wine in Italy and a lot of experience is needed to make it good. From the same grapes of Recioto there is another wine that is produced: the Amarone. this last one is probably more known abroad (it isn't sweet).
If you are on holiday in Verona during Easter I suggest you to spend an afternoon in Negrar (just a few kilometres from Verona city center). 
A view on Palio del Recioto in Negrar, near Verona

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