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Palazzo del Capitano Verona

This palazzo is also called Palazzo di Cansignorio. This is one of the main buildings of Piazza dei Signori, one of the most beautiful squares of the historical center. All the names given to this monuments are an evidence of its importance in the history of Verona. The facade of the Palazzo del Capitano is from renaissance period when Verona was part of the Republic of Venice, but we know that the palace existed before this time.
In the second part of 14th century, Cansignorio, of the Della Scala family, enclosed this palazzo in the court's buildings, in fact it is situated in an area where there are all the other important remains of this period of the city when the power of this family was influent like Medici in Florence. 
At that time the building should be a sort of a castle made of bricks with angle towers, very similar to Palazzo della Ragione (it's in the same square). As I wrote before, the facade comes from the venetian period and it's probably the result of a restoration made during 16th century when the Palace became the Captain's house (from this the name "Palazzo del Capitano"). The captain was the delegate of the Republic of Venice, also called Republica Serenissima and his role was to control Verona, one of venetian's provinces. From that time the new facade became more elegant and had the aspect of a typical monument of Sanmicheli style (one of the most important venetian architect).
We are almost sure that the gateway with the big lion above was designed by Sanmicheli, as well as that one of Palazzi Scaligeri. Nowadays The palace is owned by the city of Verona and is waiting to be restored for the public use.
Palazzo del Capitano also called Palazzo del Cansignorio

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