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Aida, plot of the Opera

Aida verona
Aida is one of the most famous Operas of the program of the Opera Season in the Arena. Every year this show takes place in Verona. Here below you can read a short plot that will help you to better understand what's happening during the show written by Giuseppe Verdi (the Original Opera is in Italian).

The Barber of Seville in the Arena

Barber of Seville in Arena Verona

I am not an Opera expert, but this year I've been to see the Barber of Seville in the Arena, for sure one of the most "funny" Operas on the program of the Opera season that every year take place in Verona during the summer. I write here below the plot of the show.



Shows in the Arena - Updates for season 2011

Rock concerts Arena Verona

Some new shows are planned in the Arena during the summer. The Opera season is still going on and many new performances are planned until september, but if you want to come to Verona on Holiday and if you prefer rock concerts or other kind of shows this is what you can see live:

July 18th - Deep Purple with orchestra - with this show, one of the best "old school" rock bands of ever will try to make something similar to their old famous concert with the Orchestra at the Albert Hall in London in '70s. It would be interesting to see how they will feel playing in the roman amphitheater of the Arena. A fascinating experience for sure.

Theater and shows in Verona for summer 2011

Opera on Ice 2012

Opera Festival Arena - programme 2011

Opera Verona
Have you ever seen the Opera in the Arena? This is one of the most beautiful event you may partecipate if you come to Verona on holiday. This year there is the 89th Opera Festival in Verona. The location is obviously the Arena, maybe the most important venue for this kind of show that is always represented in theaters during the winter (in fact in Verona the winter venue is the Philharmonic theater of the city).
The Opera season starts on 17th June and ends 3rd September. These are the operas that will take place in the Arena of Verona with great shows: