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Opera on Ice 2012

Opera on Ice 2011
Sport, art and the Opera music together for a new show in the Arena: Opera on Ice. This new event presented on board of the cruise ship Voyager of the Seas in Venice will take place on 1st October and Queen of this special night in Verona will be Carolina Kostner, a famous italian / international ice skater. With her, another world olympic champion, Stephane Lambiel will dance on ice. Their performance will be on the note of the famous operas of the season 2012 in the Arena: Don Giovanni, Aida, Carmen, Romeo and Juliet, Turandot and Tosca. A part of the income of this night will be give for charity.
In general sports are not allowed in the Arena, but this event is considered a way of making art and it is an occasion to create a new show that could be repeated every year.
Opera on Ice - a new event in the Arena

Ice skating in the Arena - Carolina Kostner will skate for the Opera on ice


DVD on sorrisi and canzoni can be bought only in italy. Removing the videos which had been published on you tube prevent people in the world to see what Opera on Ice in Verona is. You reduce the chances that people can come to Verona. I find it stupid.

I completely agree with you, sometimes in Italy there is a lack of foresight. I hope that with the second edition of Opera on Ice something could change..

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