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Opera Alternatives

Filarmonico Theatre
Opera in Verona’s Arena has to be one of the top reasons that visitors flock to the city each year, but there are other alternatives.
Villa in Canto
Villa in Canto is a very intimate alternative to the large arena. It is set in the beautiful Palazzo Camozzini, just a few metres from the Piazza Erbe, and near to the ancient Roman Cardus road which dates from the 1st century AD. The villa itself dates back to the 16th century, and has a beautiful façade which is complimented inside with classical Roman decorations such as frescoes of mythical Gods; but the ballroom, where the opera takes place is the most striking of all the rooms. The large space is decorated with delicate colours, Neoclassic frescoed walls, and traditional Venetian floors, which transport you back to the luxurious nineteenth-century.
Opera and music from Madame Butterfly, La Traviata, Tosca, and La Boheme is performed, as well as other pieces from highly respected composers, and the cast of professional musicians and singers make the candlelit evening one of the most enjoyable and intimate experiences possible.
Opera performed in a Villa near Piazza Erbe
Teatro Filarmonico
Built in the early 1700’s Teatro Filarmonico took 13 years to build, today as it did then, the theatre attracts top international names in opera, as well as ballet and classical music.
Filarmonico Theater - the orchestra
Teatro Nuovo
The new theatre is the setting for theatre shows, orchestral productions, ballets, concerts, and of course opera.
Cinema Stimante
Films in English are shown every Tuesday evening between May and October at Cinema Stimante in Piazza Cittadella.
The dance scene in Verona is much livelier than Venice, the local paper L’Arena is where you can find out what’s happening and when – usually there’s a copy in every bar.


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