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One day at Vinitaly

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to Vinitaly in Verona for a day of holiday. I know that many of you have read posts and articles about this event, but now I want to report my day, showing you some pictures and to give you an idea of how this exhibition is. There are thousand of people around and some of them are drunk, but the majority is made by experts and wine lovers. This here below is the entry of VeronaFiere and you can notice that there is a lot of life among the pavilions. 
The main entry at Vinitaly 2011 in Verona

Inside the trade fair the exhibition is divided per regions, so you can find wines from all the italian regions, this picture below for example has been made in the Emilia Romagna region. You can see there are a lot of stands, in each one you can taste the wine produced by that winery.

Wine stands at Vinitaly

You can't visit every area of Vinitaly, because some producers and distributors decide to allow the entry only by invitation. On the following picture you can see the area dedicated to Montresor, one of the main wine producers of Verona.

Big stands for certain producer at Vinitaly

Ferentano Wine in Falesco's stand

wine tasting at Vinitaly - Verona

I visited a lot of stands and thanks to my blog, many producers let me taste some special wine that is not ever served everybody. Here below some winery that really impressed me for the quality of wine, all very typical.

Marche wines at Vinitaly in Verona

One of my favorite tasting, Domenico Clerici winery
Wine from Abruzzo at Vinitaly
Sicilian wines during a wine tasting

If one of you came to Verona during the last week to visit Vinitaly write here and comment my article with your own opinions of this special event of the city of Verona, for sure an occasion to taste and understand a typical side of italian culture.

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