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The Old Well of Love in Verona


Mr. Dal Zovo and his friends have found an ancient and tragic legend, coming from the sixteenth century and referring to an ancient well in the heart of Verona close to Piazzetta Tirabosco.


In the sixteenth century, when Emperor Maximilian ruled the city, the guard Conrad of St. Boniface met a beautiful lady, Donna Isabella from the CasaDonati's dynasty and...fell in love.

Donna Isabella did not care about him, though. One day, Mark met her in a narrow courtyard and began to talk to her, leaning against a finely worked well, saying that the girl seemed to be made of ice, as the water currently in the well. "Well", she said playfully toIsabella, "try to jump into the well and maybe you will be colder than ice". It was mid-February.

Mark threw himself with a jump into the pit, disappearing. The frightened woman threw herself into the well, too.


Today you can throw a coin into the well and make a wish for your true love to become real. And the tourists' response is great since then.


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