Day-trip to Lake Garda (east coast)

Lake Garda East cost... maybe it makes you laugh, but this lake is really big, so I prefer to use this way to tell about the east side of the lake. This is my favorite part of it because it's under the province of Verona (as you know my town) and it is the most traditional one with its villages full of history and nice spots where typical remains. If you want to visit the east side of lake Garda you won't find many big cities that are good for shopping and nightlife, but small towns with castles, old villas, little harbors and fascinating panoramas.

History of Verona - Austrian emperor

For a short period Verona was part of the domain of Napoleon, but in May 1814, came back to austrians, annexed to the reign Lombardo-Veneto. This was the 7th government in the last 17 years and unfortunately due to this instability, many monuments and artworks was damaged or lost for ever.

Wind Music Awards at the Arena Verona

My last article was about rock and pop concerts in the Arena. If you are spending your holiday in Verona, this weekend there is an event you could be interested in. Friday 27th and Saturday 28th there are two nights dedicated to the Wind music awards. Sponsored by Wind and Infostrada, two telephone companies, this event will host a lot of artists from all over the world (especially from Italy).

Concerts in the Arena - 2011 season

Piazza dei Signori - Lords square

Thermal Bath near Verona

If you are searching a destination a for thermal holiday, consider Verona as part of your list. As a matter of fact, near Verona there are a lot of destinations with thermal baths. Some of them are parks and some of them are more similar to a Spa with professional services. For a relaxing holiday Verona could be what you are searching for. Here below a list of the thermal destinations close to the city.

Millemiglia Verona - historical racing cars

Millemiglia (1000 miglia) that translated means 1000 miles is an historical traditional race with historical cars. Legends of the car industry run for this parade that is one of the most suggestive event of the genre.
For the 2011 edition Verona will be one of the main stops of this parade (as usual). Thursday May 12th from 21.00 people will be in the squares to adire many historical models, only that ones created before 1957.

A walk on Bardolino-Garda itinerary


One of the best places for a healthy walk is the pedestrian walkway between two cities on Garda Lake: Bardolino and Garda. If you spend your holiday in Verona, you probably know that Lake Garda is not so far, so it's worth spending a day out of town. If you just want to relax and have a walk there is a place that offers you everything you need. The walkway between Bardolino and Garda is one of the best of the lake. It is called Rivalunga that translated means "long side".

Giusti Gardens (Giardini Giusti)

If you like nature and gardens there is a place that you must visit when you come for your holiday in Verona. It is one of the most beautiful italian garden of late Renaissance. This is called Giardini Giusti or Giusti gardens if you want to translate the italian name. In the property there is an important palace called Palazzo Giusti that is right at the entry and the huge garden made in 16th century.

Palio del Recioto Negrar

Palio del Recioto is an important traditional challenge especially for locals, not only people from Negrar (the little city where this event is), but even for people of Verona and the entire province.
The challenge lasts 4 days and the opening act was on sunday, Easter. A lot of stands are installed along one of the main streets and here everyone can taste wines and typical products of Valpolicella